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Alpha Attack Instructions

Use the letter keys on your keyboard to enter letters on the game screen. Drop a 'panic bomb' by hitting 'space'.

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Alpha Attack is an addictive and engrossing typing game that will grab your attention in the very beginning and hold it until the very end. Far from a typical typing game, this one takes the basic foundation many of the other typing games were formed on and builds on it, making it a complex yet still easy to understand game that will put your typing skills to the test and continually challenge you throughout. The goal of the game is actually pretty simple. You need to take out all of the enemies that fall from the top of the game screen before they're able to hit your city by typing the letter attached to the enemy. If you allow too many enemies to fall, you'll lose a life. Run out of lives and your game is over. In the end, you want to have done everything in your power to do well so that you can get a high score. Just don't be surprised if you immediately play again to make it even further and get an even higher score.

What really sets Alpha Attack apart from many of the other typing games online is the fact that you're not typing words but instead are typing single letters. This is going to pose problems for experienced typing game players and newcomers alike. For many, typing an entire word is much easier than typing a single letter because most people remember where the keys are in relation to other keys. In this game, you don't necessarily have anything to go on. For me, I find it much easier to eliminate letters in groups. For example, if there is a 'w' an 'x' and an 'f' on the screen, I'll think of them as one whole word and type them that way instead of thinking of each one individually. If you're really struggling, give that a try. You might be surprised by how much of a difference it makes.

The panic bomb will be one of your best friends in Alpha Attack but you need to use it wisely. While you can earn more bombs by collecting bonus letters (the flower shaped letters) to spell out 'bomb' you should still save your bombs for when you absolutely need them. Panic bombs will take out all of the enemies on the game screen at once, allowing you a moment to breathe in later levels when things are getting intense. Try to save as many bombs as possible for those later levels because things will get harder and many players will find themselves overwhelmed with letters. You don't want to wind up in a situation where you desperately need a bomb but don't have one available. In addition to gaining extra bombs by collecting bonus letters, you can also gain extra lives. Keep an eye out for bonus letters. They're definitely useful.

Over the course of the game, Alpha Attack presents new types of enemies you need to contend with. Some of these enemies are slight variations on the enemies you see in the beginning of the game. In the first level, you'll mostly be getting 'grunts'. They're pretty easy to eliminate but some move faster than others so make sure you don't underestimate them. Later in the game you'll encounter rotators, critters, zeppelins, sawblades and eventually the death saucer. Each one of these new enemies poses a new kind of threat. Rotators are especially difficult to deal with because the spinning center makes it difficult to see what letter is on them. They tend to be fairly slow though, so you should be able to eliminate them fairly easily. Focus on these before grunts. Grunts cause minimal damage to your city while rotators are packed with explosives and do considerably more damage. Critters are the most dangerous of the lot because they do significant damage to your city should they reach it. Take these bad boys out as soon as you see them.

Zeppelins are slow moving and easy to take out - assuming, of course, you're decent with your number keys. This is there the game really sets itself apart from many of the other typing games online - it adds numbers into the mix. In order to take out a zeppelin, you'll need to enter the numbers shown on the zeppelin. Take these suckers out as soon as possible as zeppelins aren't as innocent as they seem. They don't just fly from one side of the screen to the other without doing any damage as it may seem at first. Zeppelins drop sawblades. Sawblades are tough little enemies to take out. They drop quickly and rotate making it hard to see what letter corresponds with them. They're also capable of inflicting serious damage on your city. Take out zeppelins before they have the chance to drop too many of these little guys. You can destroy zeppelins by typing the three digit number on them in any order. For example, say a zeppelin is marked with a '123'. You can destroy it by typing in any combination of those letters. Try for the right order though. You'll get a better score.

The death saucer is really the enemy that gives people the most trouble in Alpha Attack. You only encounter it late in the game but it is a hard enemy to overcome. In order to destroy this enemy, you need to reach the score displayed on the saucer. You absolutely have to reach that score before the enemy wave is over. If you fail to do so, the saucer will shoot a death ray that will demolish your city and you'll lose a life. If you've managed to make it to the death saucer level with all of your lives intact you'll have a few chances to take it out. If you're on your last life, though, you'll only have one shot to take this guy down. This is a feature in this game that's extremely unique to this particular typing game and it will absolutely thrill fans of typing games looking for a real challenge. There are several ways you can boost your score throughout the entire game. You can apply a few of those techniques to eliminating this most difficult opponent.

There are several ways you can boost your score in Alpha Attack. First, let the letters drop as low as you can without allowing them to hit your city. How many points you get for a letter dictates how many points you get for destroying that letter. This is much easier in earlier levels when there are fewer letters and fewer types of enemies to contend with. Rack up your points early using this method and then later in the game, you can just focus on keeping the enemies away from your city. Another great way to rack up points is to focus on the bonus levels that pop up every so often. If you can get rid of all of the enemies on the screen without allowing a single one to pass (panic bombs definitely come in handy here), you get a whopping 10,000 bonus points. That will definitely help you get a high score. Finally, focus not just on speed but on accuracy. Speed is of course important as some of those enemies drop fast and clearing a level without allowing a single enemy to reach your city will get you a nice 1,000 point bonus, your overall score for each level depends on how accurate you were. While it's tempting to randomly kit keys when things get intense, it likely won't help you survive and it will also hurt your score. Try to keep your accuracy above 95% and you'll get a great score.

Overall, Alpha Attack offers everything any fan of typing games could possibly ask for. It's challenging, it's unique and it's lots of fun. If you're looking for a typing game that will really put your skills to the test, this is definitely the typing game for you. It takes the basic premise most of the other online typing games use and expands on it making it feel exciting and new instead of just more of the same. If you're a fan of the genre, this is a typing game you simply can't pass up.